Straetus is an international debt collection network founded in 2009 in Amsterdam. Straetus is the fasted growing debt collection organization in the world operating as a franchise. Straetus consists of a fast-growing network covering over 13 countries. We have franchise office across the North and South America, Africa, UK, Europe, Russia and Israel.

Straetus Dutch Caribbean is being managed by it’s headquarter based in Willemstad, Curaçao with  Björn A Soemanta as Owner & Managing Director. As a collector, he has many years of experience in both domestic and international collections.  Björn and his team are known for their dedication, commitment and level of quality they put in any case.  Björn is proud to say that he has a long list of loyal clients.

The reason for our success?
We treat your debtor with patience and respect. We do not work as a call centre, we only work with carefully selected franchisees and. The client is always in charge and as a customer you have access to our services in all these areas, combining expertise, information and experience from all over the globe, yet appropriate to local customs and national requirements.

Check the website:www.straetus.cw

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