For over 60 years we are the biggest supplier of chemical/cleaning and maintenance products in the Dutch Antilles. Often we combine these exclusive products with our outstanding know-how. Whether you are in the market to lower your costs, to lower your downtime or to just getting the job done, one thing is clear; we always deliver solutions, … superior solutions.


For us it is not about selling our unique products, but offering solutions. Superior solutions. Our skills, know-how and experience helps you get results faster and cheaper.


Once we make a commitment, we follow through. We take it as a personal offense if we do not deliver a superior solution. That is why your project or order means so much to us.
For Aruba, Curacao and Sint-Maarten: We are located on YOUR Island, with agents on YOUR Island and fresh stock in our warehouse on YOUR Island. That means also a commitment towards reliable and speedy delivery.


We like to keep it personal. Understanding each other is essential to work together and to create a solution for you that is truly a superior one.


With well over 60 years of company history in Curacao we sure do have a story to tell. The company was founded in 1953, by Bob Boutmy who was then at the time still working for Vreugdenhil in Curacao as head of import. With that experience and the results he made with introducing Kem products to the Island he was later asked to become Vice President Import/Export at Kem. In the mid 90’s Kem and their unique products and formula’s  were bought by ZEP. Along all those years and while living in Europe, Bob remained loyal to his heart; the Islands and his clients. Until this very day -even with the age of 86- every 4 months he is meeting with clients in Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, St-Maarten and Anguilla. Besides the highly praised products, it is this true commitment and loyalty that differs us from the rest.

Today we focus on supporting this region with top-quality Industrial Maintenance and Cleaning products together with superior know-how. This service is often combined with consultancy-projects we run, where -besides cost-savings- ROI is one of our main objectives. We insist on reliable and speedy delivery straight out of one of our warehouses on the Islands (Aruba, Curacao and Sint-Maarten).Take a look at the overview of our different services and references.

More information? Check the website: www.boutmyagencies.com

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