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When is Curaçao Culinair? 
Curaçao Culinair takes place on April 5th and 6th, 2019.
Opening hours:
Friday, April 5th          5 pm – 12 am
Saturday, April 6th     5 pm – 12 am

Tickets are Nafl. 30,-. Tickets sale starts 1 March 2019. Buy your tickets online at Caribbean Ticketshop!


You can also buy your tickets at Funmiles, Mensing’s Caminada, Van den Tweel Supermarket Jan Thiel en Zeelandia, Landhuis Chobolobo and Bottles.

Where does Curaçao Culinair take place?
Curaçao Culinair 2019 takes place at Landhuis Chobolobo, which is centrally located on Curaçao in Salina (RA Elias Moreno Boulevard in Salina Ariba, Willemstad – Curaçao). This beautiful mansion is an attractive location with parking facilities around the premises.

For whom is Curacao Culinair?
Curaçao Culinair is accessible for anyone who loves good food and drinks, provided that you are in possession of a valid entrance ticket.

At all the participating restaurants or at the central bar payment is only possible with Curaçao Culinair tokens. These tokens are available at the cash register at the event site for 5 Nafl. per token. The tokens can be broken in half so that the prices of food and beverages can also be increased with 2.50 Nafl.

Or buy tokens with Fun Miles discount!

10,- Nafl. = 500 Miles

15,- Nafl. = 750 Miles

25,- Nafl. = 1250 Miles

50,- Nafl. = 2500 Miles

75,- Nafl. = 3750 Miles

100,- Nafl. = 5000 Miles

Pin & cash
Tokens can be purchased with pin but you can also pay in cash. Our preference is to pay with pin, for your and our security.

Curaçao Culinair is for all ages. Children under the age of 12 years are admitted free when accompanied by their parents/guardians. To minors participation and entering the event remains at your own risk (of parents/guardians).

By entering the Curaçao Culinair event premises you automatically allow us to use the photos that are made during the event.
Are you a professional photographer and would you like take pictures at the event?
Sign up through Curaçao Culinair

There is a first aid station on site. In case of emergency please contact the staff.

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