Kyoto Sushi & Grill
Of course sushi is indispensable in the field of Curaçao Culinair. You are very welcome at Kyoto Sushi & Grill! Relax and enjoy the art of contemporary sushi and other delicious Japanese dishes.

Try the design roll: Hamachi, tempura shrimp, tuna & spicy crap topped with flame tourched salmon, drizzled with Kyoto’s special sauce and the the Hawaii Roll: with crap, tilapia, pineapple wakame & masago, tempura flakes and scallions salad. Actually, everything in Kyoto irresistible. Difficulty making choices? Just order some more and enjoy!

‘Itadakimasu’ (….Enjoy your meal)

Check out the website: www.kyotocuracao.com

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